Boroux Original FAQ

Borosilicate glass is a higher quality glass that is stronger, more durable, and especially resistant to cracking and thermal shock.

While not completely unbreakable, it is more durable than regular glass. The bottom of the Boroux bottle is roughly 300% thicker than competitor bottles to help prevent breakage. When broken, borosilicate glass tends to crack into large pieces rather than shattering (it will snap rather than splinter).

Borosilicate glass has a wide range of uses. It is commonly used in cookware and lab equipment, but is also used in high quality products like optic lenses, implantable medical devices, and equipment used in space exploration. It is also a popular medium among artists such as glass sculptors.

While Borosilicate glass is resistant to temperature change (because it does not expand like ordinary glass) we only recommend using the Boroux bottles for cold beverages.

Boroux glass bottles can be used repeatedly without any harmful chemicals leaching into your water. The lid is stainless steel inside and out with a silicone seal. With the Boroux glass water bottle, you can have the convenience of plastic without compromising your health.

Yes, the Boroux bottle, stainless steel lid, and refrigerator rack are all completely dishwasher safe.

Not at all! There are no harmful chemicals/adhesives used to hold the inner piece inside the lid. It simply snaps into place. On the very rare occasion that it may come out, you can simply snap it back into place inside the lid.

The lid is made from high grade 304 stainless steel.

When installing the seal, be sure that the ridges are facing away from the lid. The rigid side of the steel should be touching the glass bottle when you attach the lid.

The rack is 10” in length, 6.5” across and 9” tall. The individual bottles are 8’ tall, and about 2.5" across.

One Boroux Bottle weighs 0.8 lbs, or 12.8 FL OZ

The bottles were designed in Colorado, manufactured in China. Sold by BerkeyFilters.