Comparing Berkey Water Filters

By comparison, Berkey water filters outperform commercially available water filters from both the portable and household water filter categories. Take a look at these Berkey water filter comparison charts and you can see for yourself that Berkey outperforms the competition in almost every category. Households across America trust water filters manufactured by Berkey. Water filter comparison should encompass more than initial retail cost. When researching water filter systems, you will immediately find that most of them only qualify as filters. Disposable filters that you buy at bargain prices online require frequent changes. Shop around, and before you make a final purchase, ask what the final cost per filtered gallon of water will be.

The cleanable Black Berkey water filters last 10 times longer than our competition and are so powerful that they even remove viruses. This ability to filter viruses qualifies our water filters as water purifiers. Side by side, the long-lasting Black Berkey is available at the best price. Berkey water filters rise to the top of all charts that compare water filter systems. With Berkey, you get a quality filter that surpasses standards for filtering out pathogenic bacteria and viruses listed in the Water and Purification Standard used by the Army. For the best filtration at the best price, Berkey water filters have no competition. Don't just take our word for it: Do your own research and find out why Berkey water filters are the ultimate in water filtration.

Portable Water Filters

Even though our portable water filter systems are smaller in size, they all contain the same Black Berkey filter element delivering the same clean water you expect with our larger models. Our travel sizes make it convenient to use our dependable filtration systems in small RV campers, summer cabins, or anywhere storage space may be limited. Because our filters are cleanable, it is possible that you won't need to replace the filter elements for years! Add the dependability of our filtration systems to the flexibility to use them under a wide range of situations and environments and it is easy to see why so many people already turn to Berkey for their water filtration needs.

Below is a chart to compare the Berkey Water Filter System to our competition in the portable water filter industry.

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Company: Berkey Aquacera Aquacrock Propur Doulton Katadyn
Model Big Berkey Cergrav AquaCrock Pro Big GSS-2 Gravidyn
Element Rating Purifier Filter Filter Filter Filter Filter
Base System Cost $278 $139 $399 $279 $229 $294.95
Base Daily Output (GPD) 84 10 18 9 14 24
Max Daily Output (GPD) 168 25 18 18.5 20 24
People Served 16 6 5 4 5 6
Maximum Gallons Per Filter 3,000 535 535 1,500 535 730
Replacement Time Limit No time limit 6 mo. 2 years 10 mo. 6 mo. 6 mo.
Price Of Elements (each) $60 $30 $36 $69.50 $36 $59.95
Approx. Cost Per Gallon 2 ¢ 5.6 ¢ 6.7 ¢ 4.6 ¢ 6.7 ¢ 8.2 ¢
Food Color Test Pass Fail Fail Pass Fail Fail
Turbidity Flow Rate Test Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass
Test Results Available Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tested to NSF Standards Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
NSF Certified Claimed No No No Yes No No
Guarantee 6mo./2yr * 1 Year 1 Year * *
System Cost w/Max Elements $388 $274 $399 $353.50 $319 $219
System Material AISI Stainless HDPE Ceramic Stainless AISI Stainless Silicone

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Household Water Filters

Below is a chart that compares the Berkey Water Filter to other commercially available household water filters.
Company: Berkey Aquasana Brita Culligan Everpure Pur
Model Big Berkey AQ-4000 Faucet Filter SY-2300 H-54 Plus FM-3000
Retail Price $278 $99 $35 $160 $360 $34
Replacement Filter Cost $120 $49 $20 $50 $101 $17.99
Price Per Gallon "Cost Of Use" 2 ¢ 11 ¢ 20 ¢ 10 ¢ 13.4 ¢ 17 ¢
Filters Last (gallons) 6000 450 100 500 750 100
Total Cost For 6000 Gallons $278 $627 $1214 $710 $904 $1037
Removes Viruses Yes >99.99% No No No No No
Removes Chlorine Yes >99.99% Yes 99% Yes 99% Yes 97% Yes 88% Yes 98%
Removes Lead
Yes >99.9%
Yes >99.99% Yes 99% Yes 95% Yes 98% Yes 96%
Removal of THM's Yes >99.99% Yes >99.99% No Yes 95% No No
Removal of VOC's Yes >99.99% Yes >99.99% No Yes 95% No No
Removes Lindane Yes >99.99% Yes 95% Yes 99% Yes 99% No Yes
Removes Alachlor Yes >99.99% Yes 98% Yes 99% Yes 99% No No
Removes Atrazine Yes >99.99% Yes 97% Yes 92% Yes 97% No Yes 96%
Removes Benzene Yes >99.99% Yes 99% Yes 96% yes 99% No No
Removes TCE Yes >99.99% Yes 99% Yes 99% Yes 99% No No
Removes Fluoride Yes, with the
Berkey PF-2
* * * * Yes

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