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Berkey Filters (James Enterprise Inc.) is always looking to grow our team! We are dedicated to hiring individuals who exemplify and identify with our purpose and core values. Our core values are our compass, our North Star, the tried and true. Our core values paired with our purpose help us determine if we are on the right path and create an unwavering and unchanging guide. Our core values and purpose create our company culture, brand, and business strategies. We strive for these values to be a part of everything we do here.

Berkey Filters Purpose:

We believe in the power water. Our purpose is to hydrate the world with peace of mind.

Berkey Filters Core Values:

EFFICIENCY:  JEI strives for efficiency by ensuring work is focused, fast, practical, economical, and flexible. We believe in operational excellence, and realize there is always room for improvement in everything we do

POSITIVE ATTITUDE: This is where the “Can-Do!” attitude matters! Being engaged in solving issues is as important as being pleasant to work with. Know your areas of weakness and strive to improve.

 WORK ETHIC: We expect people to work hard, be punctual and dependable, adhere to company policies, and take responsibility for one’s actions.

 COMPETITION: Competition sparks innovation, highlights our strengths and weaknesses, makes way for creative thinking and helps us grow and adapt. We’re a competitive bunch, that’s for sure! 

TEAM PLAYER: We are respectful and show consideration for one another and recognize our differences. We expect contribution and cooperation.

Current Positions Accepting Applications:


Berkey Filters Shipping Specialist 

Berkey Filters Customer Service Representative

  • Remote (CO, UT & OH residents only)
  • In-Office (Pueblo, CO Berkey Filters HQ)
  • Part-time and full-time positions available   

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