New Berkey System? Start Here!

Berkey Water Filter Parts

Are you the proud owner of a new Berkey Water Filter System? Congrats and welcome to the Berkey Family! Cheers to now being able to drink the best, purified water ever! Below are our best tips for setting up your new system.

  • Read the Manual- You will find important information on installing the Fluoride Filters (PF2s), the Red Dye test, our policies and proper filter storage.
  • Write your order number in the designated box located in the manual so you will never lose it!
  • Be careful when unpacking. All parts are important and some very small. For example, the knob has a tiny screw and washer, that can be easily overlooked.
  • Check that all items are there and there are no defects.
  • Wash your hands and the area that you will be setting up the Berkey.
  • Wash all parts in warm soapy water (minus the filters) before assembly.
  • SAVE The priming button and the instruction manual together. Tape the priming button to the manual and store them in a safe place.
  • Also, watch the helpful videos on youtube!
  • Bonus: We are here to help so don't hesitate to reach out to us via facebook messenger, email, phone, or even our Exclusive VIP Group!
  • You can also text us at 1-800-350-4170 if you have a question that needs an immediate response.
  • We also have great learning content in the Units tab of our Facebook Group!

Helpful Accessories

Berkey Priming Bulb

Black Berkey Filter Priming Bulb

Get your Black Filters working faster

Maintenance Kit

Berkey Maintenance Kit

Everything you need to clean & maintain your new Berkey

Stainless Steel Spigot

Berkey Stainless Steel Spigot

Upgrade to a Stainless fast flow spigot