Berkey Water Filtering Performance


All Berkey Water Filter systems are classified as water purifiers. In order to meet purification standards, a water filter must be able to remove specified contaminants to a predetermined level, known as a "standard". This purification standard is the highest level of water contamination removal that a water filter can obtain and very few manufacturers are able to make the purification claim without the use of harsh chemicals like iodine or chlorine. Berkey Water Filter Systems, such as the Big Berkey, do not use chemicals. Instead, we rely on simple time-tested micro-filtration and a unique ionic absorption technology to purify the water.

Berkey Water Filter

Water Filter Comparison

We show you a side by side comparison between the Berkey water filter and other leading water filter manufacturer's best offerings. Included are portable water filters and household water filters for a true industry-wide comparison.

Filtration Specifications

We provide a detailed analysis of exactly what and how much the Berkey water filter removes from your drinking water.

How the Berkey Purifies Water

Discover the science behind this amazingly simple water filtration system.

Water Filter vs. Water Purifier

There is a major difference between the Berkey water purifier and a standard water filter. Find out how to tell the difference by carefully reading the specifications.