How To Prime the Black Berkey Filters

Before using the Black Berkey Filters, they must be primed. It is imperative for optimal water flow. Priming is running water through the filters to saturate them thoroughly. The priming process should only take a few minutes to do.


How to Prime a Berkey Filter with the PrimeRite Tool

The blue silicone tool allows for a quicker and easier way to prime the Berkey Black Filters and Fluoride Filters. The Prime Rite is included in the Quick Start Kit, free with every system purchase. It can also be purchased in the Berkey Maintenance Kit.

1. Attach Prime Rite to a faucet and put it up the water spout as possible.
2. Remove wing nut and washer from Black Berkey Filter.
3. Hold the filter in one hand and gently put the stem of the filter into the small opening of the Prime Rite.
4. Hold the filter and slowly turn on the water until it's a low but steady flow. Use cold water.
If the Prime Rite inflates or forms a bulb, turn the water pressure down. 
5. Run water through the filter until beads of water appear on the sides of the filter—approximately one minute.
6. Turn off the water and remove the filter from Prime Rite. Prime all filters before installing them in the system. 

Tan Priming Button

How to Prime a Berkey Filter with the Priming Button

Included with all systems and filters, the Berkey Priming Button is a thick tan washer. It can be used with either of the filters. It funnels water into the filter interior to saturate the media and flush out air and manufacturing dust.

1. Place the washer, wing nut, and tan-colored priming button on the Black Berkey Filter.
2. Place the stem of the Black Berkey Filter between the fingers, and using the wing nut for grip, press the priming button against the faucet.
3. While holding the priming button against the faucet, turn on the faucet slowly, allowing the water to fill the inside of the Black Berkey Filter.
4. Allow the exterior wall of the Black Berkey Filter to sweat beads of water for about 10 seconds.
5. The Black Berkey Filter has now been successfully primed.

How to Prime a Berkey Filter by Soaking

When water pressure is not adequate or available, use this method to Prime Black Berkey Filters. The priming method can also be used if PrimeRite isn't compatible with certain faucets. Filters must be left overnight or for an extended period of time to become fully saturated.

Fluoride Filter cannot be primed effectively without water pressure.

1. Place the filters upright (stem up) in a container such as the bottom chamber. Place a mug or glass over the filters to weigh them down.
2. Let soak for at least eight hours.
3. Remove mugs. If filters float, they may need additional priming. If they sink, they are now primed.