Rising Water and Climate Change

Greenhouses are glass structures designed to allow the rays of the sun to shine in without allowing heat to escape. The earth works in a similar way and has exhibited a relatively stable temperature throughout history. In the past 150 years, however, a significant warming effect has been seen. Scientists call this "global warming" and they say it is partially caused by human industrialization as greenhouse gases are released into the air. Global warming is a problem because it affects how nature works.

Global warming causes climate change around the world. An example of the danger this presents can be seen in the rising water levels which cause flooding, hurricanes, and tsunamis. At the current rate, ocean and sea levels rise 1.6 mm per year. Scientists believe that reducing the number of greenhouse gases being created could slow the process of global warming down.

Climate change causes additional problems. For instance, 2 billion people around the world are currently faced with water scarcity issues and global warming will increase this number in the coming years. As temperatures increase, the amount of bacteria that survive in the water does as well. Bacteria can only survive at higher temperatures, and global warming is raising the temperature of the water around the world. Water scarcity is a serious problem because it causes death and disease.

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Written By: Lynn Taylor