Sport Berkey Water Filter FAQ

Hot water can break down the element and compromise its efficiency, so we recommend that you first filter the source water through the Sport Berkey then afterward boil the filtered water for your tea. Anything other than water should not be filtered.

The maximum amount of heat the Sport Berkey can withstand is 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Past this temperature, the integrity of the bottle will be compromised.

Yes you can refrigerate the Sport Berkey, but don’t let it freeze as freezing could expand the pores within the filter element and could compromise the integrity of the filter element.

On occasion, the straw in the cap becomes pinched. Many times you can actually see where the straw has become stuck together internally. You can fix this very simply by doing the following: • Open the cap so the straw is sticking up. • Grasp the straw with your thumb and index finger, at the point where the straw exits the cap. • Gently tug at the straw, while at the same time rotating the part of the straw that comes in contact with the cap, between your finger and thumb. This should open the straw up, allowing you to use your new Sport Berkey.

Fluoride is very difficult to remove from water. To remove fluoride from the water supply, a large amount of filtration media is required to remove just a small amount of fluoride. Currently, it would require most of the room within the sport bottle for a filter to effectively remove fluoride. Until a more powerful filtration media is developed, it would not be possible to develop a fluoride reduction filter for the Sport Berkey. Fluoride reduction filters are available for the larger systems as there is more room to work with.

The shelf life of the Sport Berkey Water Bottle is 50 years. When you will not be using the system for an extended period of time, it is important to remove the filter. With the filter removed, flush the bottle with one of the following: • 1/4tsp non-scented/non-enhanced* chlorine bleach per one half gallon of water • 50/50 mixture of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide and water. Once the bottle has been flushed, rinse with water. Allow all parts to dry thoroughly. Re-assemble and seal in an air tight container if possible. Do not allow the filter to freeze, do not place in microwave oven, and do not run hot water through the filter. *If you are not aware, many bleaches today come with “other things” in them to provide a nice smell, etc. We don’t recommend these types of bleaches.

The Sport Berkey Water Bottle is made of safe, non-leaching, BPA/BPS free low density polyethylene (LDPE recycle code #4). The cap is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE recycle code #2). The straw is made of polypropylene (recycle code #5). The number on the bottom of the bottle is not to be confused with the recycle code. The bottom of the bottle will be labeled with the die-cast (molding) number. This will vary from 1 to 4. LDPE is used for the bottle for its "squeeze" properties. LDPE is a very effective moisture barrier and is widely used for bread bags, trash/leaf bags, mustard and honey bottles, frozen food bags, tote bags, clothing, furniture, dry cleaning bags, and carpet.

The capacity of the Sport Berkey is 22 FL OZ and the bottle will efficiently filter 160 refills of raw untreated water and 640 refills of municipally treated water. Always use the cleanest source water possible as the dirtier the water, the quicker the filter element will become clogged.


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Sport Berkey Water Bottle

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