How To Tighten the Berkey Spigot

Installing the White Washer

Once you have disassembled the spigot, if necessary...

Step 1 - Installing the white washer
  • Remove all washers and the hex nut from your spigot.
  • Install the white washer with the beveled edge towards the stainless steel container
Step 2 - Insert the threaded spigot into the Berkey system
  • Insert the threaded nipple of the Berkey Spigot into the hole in the bottom of your Berkey system.
Step 3 - Install the black washer and tighten Image of a completed project - Tightening a Berkey spigot
  • Install the black washer and then the hex nut onto the threaded nipple of the spigot.
  • Turn the spigot until it is upside down as shown.
  • Tighten the hex nut hand tight.
  • Make sure the nut is still tight and grasp it tightly.
  • Grab hold of the spigot from the outside and turn it clockwise 1/2 turn to the upright position, while holding the hex nut on the inside to prevent it from spinning.