Why Choose a Berkey?


Berkey Filters Purification Process

1,000,000+ people have chosen Berkey over other water filters.

 The Berkey is a powerful filter able to remove more contaminants at a lower cost per gallon; than Faucet filters, Pitcher filters, Whole-House filters & Bottled water.

With the Berkey there's no plumbing installation or power required, so set up is simple! 

Not All Filters Are
Created Equal

Compare the 10 most popular water filter brands.

Purifier vs. Filter

Did you know that there is a difference between Purifiers (Berkey Filters) and regular water filters?

How Does Berkey work?

Learn the science behind how these amazing water purifiers work.

There's a Berkey
for Everyone

Our System Calculator will find the right size for you.


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Pregnant woman drinking Berkey Water  Pouring Berkey water with lemon slice


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